I.E.Healers introduces:

trudy baker

Trudy’s experience with hands-on healing reaches back to her childhood. As a child she imitated her mother’s healing techniques. She worked with her pet dog and other animals to heal them. In her extended family there were aunts and uncles who also were skilled healers.               

She was introduced to Reiki in the late 1980’s. Training under two different Reiki Masters, she attained the third level of aptitude in the Usui Reiki Ryoho tradition.
When introduced to Quantum Touch, it struck a familiar chord and she readily took to it. She now effectively incorporates her knowledge and experience of Quantum –Touch with that of Reiki, Shamanic Healing, the Emotion Codes, Dowsing, the Healing Codes, EFT, Psych-K, Reconnective Healing, HeartMath Provider and Trauma-Sensitive Counseling, and as a Biophotonic Health Coach (BT-HC ) to enhance energy flow.

Trudy has international experience as a Quantum Touch Instructor and has introduced Quantum Touch to a wide range of healing practitioners including Reiki Masters, Crania Therapists, Pranic Healers, Crystal Healers, Theta Healers, Hypnotherapists, and Past Life Regressionists. They all report experiences how Quantum Touch seamlessly combines with and improves the outcome in their practice. Trudy learned the MetalPhysic Breathing method in 2013, and developed it as a workshop which she has taught in Canada, the USA and in Costa Rica. Come Breathe with Us is an elaboration of the workshop material as a self-help book. It is the first of a series of self-help books where people can learn several energy healing techniques.

Trudy’s experience in education includes classroom instruction as well as writing math textbooks for Junior High School. She also has Adult Education experience as instructor and moderator for professional financial services and accountant seminars.

Trudy is an experienced and dynamic leader. She engages her audience to participate and enhance their learning experience. Purchase the books as they come out and you will be surprised how easy it is to learn the techniques when presented by a professional educator who also is a healer. Attend a workshop and you can personally experience the positive outcome of alternative energy healing: rejuvenation, anti-aging, and an opportunity to learn self-healing and healing others.

Healing related course work and workshops Trudy has taken, followed by the instructors 
Basic Dowsing, Bertha Bouw-Zandbergen Vandentop, her mother
Shamanic Extraction, Bertha Bouw-Zandbergen Vandentop, her mother
Reiki, levels 1 and 2, Cris Zavaces, levels 3 and 4, Rick Rivard
Channeling, Rick Rivard
Quantum Touch 1 and 2, Kathy Wilson and Richard Gordon
Core Transformation, Alain Herriott
SuperCharging, Alain Herriott
Seeing and Perceiving, Alain Herriott
Self- Created Health, Richard Gordon
Psych-K, Maureen L. Koropeski
Emotion Codes, Brad Nelson
EFT, Alfred Stulginskas
Dowsing, level 2, Susan Collins
Psychic Surgery, Kathy Wilson
Heart Intelligence, Institute of HeartMath, Sheva Carr                     

Heart/Brain Coherence, HeartMath LLC, Marije Mille

Trauma-Sensitive Counseling, HeartMath                                                                   
Reconnective Healing, 1 and 2, Eric Pearl

Currently Trudy is enrolled at Quantum University in the Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine Program.