therese baumgart

Therese Baumgart is a Certified EFT Practitioner who specializes in working with her clients to release obstacles to their success, wellness, peace of mind and heart.  Specific applications of EFT include weight, food and body image; relationships; pain; finances; procrastination; self-sabotage; clutter; and stuck negative emotions such as anger, guilt, worry, and stress.

 Therese sees clients at her North Haven, Connecticut, U.S. office and by phone and Skype.  Therese also teaches EFT workshops and classes (in weight loss, clearing clutter, and attracting prosperity) and has made presentations for naturopathic patients, social workers, community groups, and wellness conferences.  

She has several case studies published on the eftuniverse.com website.  She also speaks Spanish, having lived in Mexico City.  Therese offers a complimentary phone consultation to learn about client needs and design a personalized EFT plan for success.  

For more information about Therese and EFT, visit HypnosisandEFTct.com or send an e-mail to Therese@HypnosisandEFTct.com.