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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a centuries old Chinese practice of a set of exercises which engages the total human person. With a series of gentle, fluid motions one creates a kind of synchronized dance. The almost effortless movements are slow, graceful, and fluid.Rooted in ancient Chinese practices of meditation, medicine, and martial arts,

Tai Chi achieves and improves the flow of the life energy to maximize health and quiet the mind.Tai Chi rejuvenates and actively maintains good health.Classical

Tai Chi metaphorically embodies eternal youth. The Internal Discipline of the Form movements attune the nervous system so that the complex and powerful internal movements become natural and spontaneous.

Older people with knee pain may get help from Tai Chi
Knee pain from osteoarthritis is a common and often chronic ailment for older people. But a new study finds that practicing tai chi exercises may not only reduce osteoarthritis pain, but improve function as well.
-- Los Angeles Times, Oct. 30, 2009