I.E.Healers :


Energy healing has the potential to make a positive shift in your wellness and your ability to enjoy healthy living .
As we age, the level of stress most of us are exposed to in our daily lives starts to take its toll. Tensions, aches and pains may lead to diseases that may lessen our joy of living. Energy healing sessions have definitely proven to be an effective way to lessen stress, to remove aches and pains and prevent diseases.

I do remote healing sessions as well as hands-on session when and where possible. My fee structure is flexible with consideration of your financial circumstances. The  fee structure shown is intended as a guide.  I am committed to avoid one's economic status to stand in the way of receiving the healing one needs. I also feel free to ask of those who are  financially affluent to pad their payments and trust I will use it to subsidize the fees for others who need it. All fees are  in US dollars, and in Canadian dollars for Canadians. 

I offer an initial, free twenty minute phone consultation during which we can explore  how we can work together to improve your health and wellness.

Quantum Touch

A Quantum Touch Session can definitely reduce pain.   At the start of a session the client is asked to share some information about the issues. The time it takes for healing to occur varies widely. Some initial changes are sometimes noticed in a matter of minutes, while others may take longer even an hour or more.  Most commonly treatments  indicate  positive results in about 20 minutes. However, it is not uncommon for people to report positive outcomes during the following 3 days. More serious medical conditions may require repeated treatments that vary in length from hours to weeks or even months. A treatment usually is a very relaxing experience. At times pain may flare up and then recede while the person's own innate healing abilities restore wellness to the body and to the emotions.                                                                                     

Intermodal Energy Healing

An Intermodal Energy Healing session follows  along similar lines as a Quantum Touch session. The difference is that I use any combination of  techniques form several modalities as appears appropriate. I apply the healing power of love and the Life Force Energy to release tension, reduce  pain, balance emotions  and even adjust bones.  When it becomes evident that  any one modality may be more suitable than an other, I discuss the options available and we make a plan to proceed to recovery and to wellness.                  


When doing a Reiki treatment, I sense for any areas of intense heat, unusual coldness, a repelling energy, a dense energy, a magnetizing energy, tingling sensations which indicate where Reiki energy is needed, and proceed to balance the client's energy field. The clients experience feelings of deep relaxation allowing them to let go of all tension, anxiety, fear or other negative feelings and move into a state of peace and well-being. Healing happens.        

Emotion Code

In an Emotion Code session I use muscle testing to find trapped emotions which may be the root cause of an illness or discomfort. Some clients are able to muscle test for themselves to provide answers to the questions I provide. For others I do so by proxy.   We then proceed to   release the trapped emotions.   Once the harmful emotional energies are removed, the healing process begins to happen.                                                                                  


There are times when healing does not happen right away, or when illnesses return. That's where Psych-K comes in.   During an initial Psych-K session I use a  protocol with  carefully designed  questions to discover hidden subconscious causes that are at the root of the issues. When and if appropriate we then  proceed to balance  the conscious and subconscious beliefs to allow healing to happen. Usually several sessions are required, and follow up work is essential.                                                        

Healing Codes

The Healing Codes are based on the premise that stress is the cause of most illnesses. Stress impairs the immune system. During a Healing Codes session I take the clients through a series of techniques to reactivate their immune system so that the body can again heal itself.                                                              

Stress Management Program

It's been documented in several studies that 90 % of health issues are related to stress. In this 6 week therapy I introduce the clients to a stress management program that can be used to ease their lives at work, in family and personal relationships . Once learned, the techniques can be used  for the rest of your life.