quantum touch

New to Quantum Touch?

Everyone has memories of wanting to reach out and give comfort to someone in need. Have you ever felt helpless when you saw someone you love in pain? Quantum Touch may well be the proper response for any similar situation. Quantum Touch can definitely relieve pain and effect healing. Quantum-Touch is one of many modalities of naturopathic or energy healing. It employs the use of hands-on healing that  must be seen to be believed. It engages a person's Life Force Energy to promote optimal wellness. What we call Life Force Energy is also known as chi in the Chinese culture and named prahna in ancient Sanskrit documents. All these words try to tell us something we all intuit about whatever is alive. Quantum-Touch facilitators learn how to direct, amplify, and focus the energy, for a wide range of benefits with surprising and extraordinary positive results.

To experience  Quantum Touch,  feel free to attend one of our Healing Circles and decide for yourself if you are interested to learn more.

How new is Quantum Touch?

The term Quantum Touch was coined by Richard Gordon in his book "Quantum Touch, The Power To Heal" published in 1999. While studying polarity therapy in the early 1970's Gordon became acquainted with the work of Robert Rasmussen, who had an extraordinary ability to do hands-on healing.

 How old is Quantum Touch?  

The art of energy healing has deep roots and reaches far back in the story about humans. Many cultures throughout the ages record gifted persons performing a wide variety of healing work using life force energy with differing names. In Western culture, knowledge of the natural force of healing within the human person can be traced back to the first century BC in the person of the Hippocrates.

Quantum Touch Today 

Quantum Touch as a healing modality has grown rapidly since its inception in the late nineteen hundreds. There are now hundreds of QT practitioners and Instructors around the world. While many, if not most continue to practice under the QT umbrella others have branched off and are using the techniques learned as added value incorporated into their personal healing practices.


Quantum Touch Treatments Explained

Quantum Touch practitioners employ breathing and body awareness techniques to help focus the Life Force Energy, and in doing so raise their own vibrations. By placing their hands above or on the body of the person at the location of the pain or discomfort, that person's body entrains to the raised vibrations, thus promoting the body to heal itself. The time it takes for healing to occur varies widely: some visible changes are sometimes noticed in a matter of minutes, while others may take longer even an hour or more.  As well, it is not uncommon for people to call back in a day or two and report positive outcomes. More serious medical conditions may require repeated treatments that vary in length from hours to weeks or even months. A treatment usually is a very relaxing experience. At times pain may flare up and then recede while the person's own innate healing abilities restore wellness to the body and to the emotions.

Trudy Baker

Quantum Touch and IEHealers

Trudy Baker, the founders of IEHealers, became certified as a QT Practitioner in 2002 and as QT Instructor in 2003. She has taught QT in Canada as well as in many other countries including India and Bahrain. Trudy became a Reiki Master in 1994 and practices many other healing modalities, nevertheless Quantum Touch became and has remained one of the key healing techniques she uses in her healing sessions.

Who Can Learn Quantum Touch?

People of all ages can learn to do Quantum - Touch. Energy healing is an innate ability all people have in common. Healing is a skill that comes naturally, and can be learned by training from qualified instructors and with practice. Workshops are scheduled on a monthly basis. Check our Workshops pages for details.

The IEHealers workshop “Basic Quantum Healing” introduces energy healing in an easy to understand manner. It covers all the QT techniques  in addition to a blend of several other modalities. A good entry-level option for energy healing. It is easy to learn, and immediately applicable.

What others say about Quantum Touch
"Quantum Touch appears to be the first technique that may truly allow us all to become 
healers." Dr. Shealy is the Founding President of the American Holistic Medicine Magazine.

The Alternative Medicine Magazine described Quantum Touch as "a significant breakthrough in hands on healing."