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quantum body sculpting, qbsc

Quantum Body Sculpting is meditation in movement: a way to increase one's body awareness, a way to use one's mind and heart to shape up, to improve one's health and appearance, and to captivate the joy of ageless living.

Using selected techniques from leading healing modalities, the course takes you step by step through a program of self-improvements. The program starts with questions that lead to self- awareness.

In the section on meditations with movements, you will learn to combine breathing techniques and intention to improve your posture and overall body shape.

Basic energy work is taught in an easy to learn manner to correct irritating details so prevalent among an aging population. You will learn to change protruding bellies into flat tummies, love handles for a trim mid-section, and to shape up your inner thighs, bulging buttocks, and drooping breasts. In the Quantum Body Sculpting program, you are taught the tools to give your body a second chance at being healthy, having a perfect weight and all the energy you need to get on with your life.

  • Prerequisites: Basic QH, Reiki level 1 or comparable working knowledge of energy healing. 
  • Fees: $350 CAN if taught in Canada, $400 US elsewhere.
  • Early registration discounts 15%, fully refundable if we need to cancel.
  • Fees do not include travel and accommodation.
  • We offer the 5 day workshop in a retreat setting in Costa Rica.
  • Minimum enrolment 10 people, max 20 people. Contact me for dates and location

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    A QBSc practitioner received a note from a client to whom she had given a QBSc session.

    "It all started as small talk, but the truth is that QUANTUM BODY SCULPTING is simply 'wonderful'. I would doubt it if I did not see the tape measure myself. The therapy lasted no more than 20 minutes, and it reduced my waist by almost 3 centimeters. I sat there, with my mouth open. I could not believe it. It is a super therapy that not only helps you as a reductive therapy, but it also relaxes you, calms your anxiety and keeps you in a good mood. It is simply the best. Do not miss the opportunity.

    The practitioner’s observation:

    “I saw it with my own eyes. I measured it myself!!! I went, “Wait. What.  And I re-measured it quite a few times just to be amazed over and over again. What a remarkable experience.”


    An Option
    If coming to a workshop is not in your cards, you may want to buy the book. The book takes you step by step through a program of self-improvements.  The program starts with questions that lead to self- awareness. The author shares her own experiences explaining how it is possible to remain youthful and to maintain an anatomically correct and proportionately pleasing body shape throughout all of life's stages. Why not invest some time, money and energy to learn the joy of ageless living and be beautiful from the inside out.