organize a healing circle

1. Regular meetings are of primary importance; preferably weekly, bi-weekly can work, or for a minimum once a month. Regularity develops the healing power of a group. Aim for a two hour healing session. Optional socializing to follow.

2 . Keep the organization simple. All you really need is someone to take responsibility for guiding the meetings. This responsibility can be shared. If at all possible meet at the same location. Repeated gatherings at the same venue build up the resonance of the local.

3. Five to nine regular attendees is a good size for a group. The power of the shared energy is the best guarantee for regular attendance. You can start with three.

4. At the start of each session, form a circle and have everyone focus on centering oneself and quieting.

5. Next do some healing, among the members or any guests. Use a variety of modalities and techniques.

6 Allow some time for a closing circle. Invite requests for healing, either spoken or unspoken. It is appropriate to consider issues of a wider scope at this time. Appoint a volunteer to end the closing circle with a one or two sentence closing remark.

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