nathalie frechette

Nathalie tells her own Story

A few years back, my health started to decline rapidly and soon found myself sinking into an emotional wasteland as I discovered that Western medicine had nothing to offer me.

SHAME and DESPAIR quickly took over my life as I navigated through a myriad of alternative therapies. The journey was daunting and of no accident. My experience has brought me here today, to this very moment where I strive to help, guide, elevate and empower others to heal themselves.

One can’t ignore their spiritual, emotional and physical self in order to heal wholeheartedly. As a spiritual coach and energy worker, my passion is to support and help you release the buried emotions and negative belief system that is preventing you from being healthy and joyous. Resistance to change comes from uncertainties and the events of the past. Nathalie can help you remove the blockages of the past and guide you to a new future.

Nathalie’ s own spontaneous awakening over 20 years ago along with the exploration of many other healing modalities that were pivotal to her recovery, brought her to discover her passion for teaching the work. What she loves the most about teaching Quantum-Touch, is to witness her students awaken to this beautiful universal life force energy. Observing someone coming into their own essence and returning home to their hearts for the first time is what drives her to do this work. She loves the simplicity and powerful results seen in Quantum-Touch. This is a technique that can be easily learned by anyone.

Whether you are needing to release your physical or emotional pain or interested in becoming an energy practitioner, I invite you to contact me.

Remember to Never Give Up on yourself, and that Love heals all.