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laurence moore

Laurence Moore

 Biography: Based in the UK Laurence has been involved with maintenance and repair throughout his working life, so to discover in his mid forties the ability to help people heal themselves seemed to him a natural progression along his career path. He learnt his gift for healing in July 2010 though synchronicity and intuition triggered by a deep need to help his mother. Following several phenomenal successes and with encouragement from his friends and family Laurence created and registered his own form of energy healing “Natural Life Force Treatment”.

 Natural Life-Force Treatments had emerged but its existence was only known of through word of mouth. Laurence got more involved with promoting his healing in 2012, designing pamphlets and creating an exhibition stand, he started showing his gift for healing at a local holistic fair. Always thinking to expand his horizons Laurence gained two more qualifications within the field of energy healing, has access to a brand new therapy room in the heart of Sussex and now exhibits at several holistic shows throughout Sussex and Surry. With the use of the World Wide Web Laurence is also an active member in some distance healing groups around the world.

 For more information on the treatments he offers, his full contact details and some testimonials, please follow this link to his Treatments Page. Alternatively please continue.

Natural Life Force Treatment; is primarily for the reduction of pain and to allow posture realignment. The pain caused by arthritis can be totally diminished, slipped or bulging discs can slip back into place, even scoliosis and osteoporosis can straighten up as the body responds to the energy and moves itself into a more natural and comfortable position. This healing is achieved through vibrational entrainment brought about by the universal laws of; attraction, focused intent, allowance and freewill. Even if we do not know the cause of any particular problem there is no real limit to the healing that can be achieved.

My practice involves me channelling and amplifying the life force energy to very high levels with visualizations and breathing techniques, then with the energy field concentrated in my heart and in my hands I surround or touch the part of the body that requires assistance. As your body begins to receive the energy I will ask you to pay attention to any sensations you may be feeling. Our bodies know what to do with the energy that has been made available allowing the entire healing process to be guided naturally.

Access Consciousness Bars; is a treatment to help access and release unwanted and unnecessary thought patterns, belief systems and points of view that may be holding us back from achieving what we really want in this life. Having your “Bars run” can bring you more clarity and insight allowing you to access more of your love and joy. A typical Bars session lasts about an hour and involves me touching 32 meridian points on your head; this is to facilitate the release of implanted and built up emotional energy. Only the energies that no longer serve you can be released, how dose it get any better than that?

Access Energetic Facelift; adds a bit of pampering to my list of treatments but it's not just pampering oh no, this is an energetic facelift, a rejuvenating energy treatment with the intent to lesson the effects of ageing. People have reported feeling younger and fitter too, so who knows, they might actually be getting younger. What else is possible?

 Distance Healing; can work well and is therefore available world wide. When practiced remotely successful healing has been achieved with Access Bars and with my Energy Healing.