laughter yoga

 Laughter Yoga is a unique form of exercise that was founded in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria , a medical doctor who lives in India. The main idea is anyone can laugh for no reason at all without the need for jokes or comedy. Dr. Kataria, and his wife, Madhuri, developed a program that combines laughter as a physical and playful body exercise with yoga in the form of deep yogic breathing (no poses). You don’t have to bend your ankle behind your head or twist yourself into a pretzel.  🙂

Laughter Yoga is quickly spreading naturally into many different areas as people come to realize how the benefits can improve their lives. Its mission is to provide good health, joy and create a world without pain and illness.

Laughter Yoga helps people to deal positively with mental, physical and emotional stresses in the workplace and in their private lives, that may otherwise lead to a breakdown. It seeks to build an international community of like-minded people who come and laugh together and receive multiple health benefits.  Laughter heals people, inside and outside. It releases tension, depression, soothes pain, relaxes muscles, clears the mind, and makes the spirit soar.

Laughter is:

the best medicine
a fun stress buster
an instant bonding technique
a terrific team building program
a great way to start your day

K​​​​athr​​​​yn Kimmins

 Meet K.K.  (Kathryn Kimmins) , Laughter Ambassador of Canada, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Holistic Professional 

The very first moment  I met Kathryn I knew we were going to be BFF's.

(That was years ago, before I knew the meaning of BFF. Ha Ha Ha!)  

Kathryn led a Laughter Yoga session at a Canadian Dowsing Convention in Toronto. It was the highlight of the convention and one of the best days of my life. I instantly invited Kathryn to come to our next IEHealers' Retreat. Since then she has been a regular Laughter Leader at our retreats. They wouldn't be the same without her. You can sponsor Kathryn to come teach Laughter Yoga in your home town.

Learning Laughter Yoga

Laugh Along watching KK's You Tube series

Check out Dr. Katari's Laughter University