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Kathryn Kimmins

Kathryn Kimmins

 Kathryn Kimmins, a Certified Laughter Yoga teacher, from Laugh Yourself Healthy is an infectiously and enthusiastic motivational speaker.
She energizes attendees and directs unforgettable laughter experiences using a unique combination of laughter exercises, deep diaphragmatic breathing, clapping, brain health exercises, singing, dancing and child-like play.

In the past 8 years she has facilitated laughter yoga seminars across Ontario to over 2000 business’, such as retirement homes, long term centres, community based programs, boards of education, hospitals and  corporate companies.

Kathryn was conferred the honour of Laughter Ambassador of Canada at a 2017 Conference in Toronto by Dr. Madan Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga.
This recognition was presented to Kathryn for her dedicated and selfless services to promote Great Health, Joy and World Peace, through Laughter Yoga.

She believes, regardless of a person’s cognitive abilities, Laughter Yoga is a fun and easy way to exercise the body, mind and spirit with healthy laughter.