intermodal integration

The Seamless Integration of Various Healing Modalities

      At our first Healing Retreat in King Township, Ontario June 2010, the ease and seamlessness with which several healing modalities integrated with each other was an experience shared by all who attended. The practitioners of the several healing modalities all commented on the powerful outcomes and fluidity of the inter-connectivity: a lot of healing happened.

As we continued to practice with the various modalities we saw phenomenal results of the integration. We clearly became aware that differing health conditions responded differently to the various healing techniques. We all agreed that when working together with various modalities at the same time,  the outcomes were increased exponentially powerful, so to speak.

For people who suffer from multiple medical conditions, we implicitly trust the healing process to allow the innate wisdom of the human body to accept the energy and technique most beneficial for healing to happen.

The power of intermodal healing practices also points to the multi-level healing that takes place. For example, if your knee hurts, it is never just the pain in the knee that is alleviated. Your body, mind and spirit are all involved and all benefit and gain from a healing experience. The human person is an integrated whole.

All naturopathic healing modalities are committed to the principle: "We do no harm." Our practices are non-invasive and pill free. There are no known dangers of counterproductive, nor of non-beneficial side effects. 

Join us to help heal the planet and all who live on it!


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