Healing Happens

Healing is the process of becoming a unified whole and to be in balance with all energy systems around us. Holistic healing allows all memories of wellness to resonate within us.

Why do healing?
We heal to be whole and to care for and protect people, animals, plants and all natural living and non-living things.

Who needs healing?

Everyone and everything needs healing at some time.

How does healing happen?

Healing happens in many ways and at all levels of our experience.
It is reflected in the degree of balance between ourselves and
the world around us

Where do we heal?

We can heal at any time, anywhere.

By whom are we healed?

First, by ourselves, each one of us has the innate potential to be
whole and healthy. Friends and practitioners can share their life
force energy to support the healing process.

When do we know that we are healed?

We are healed when we feel whole, love and loved. We are whole and healed when we can celebrate and share our life and love.

What happens after we heal?

There is no after, because we are constantly staying connected with the life force energy. For this reason we recommend forming Healing Circles to meet regularly to continue to stay healthy and to help others heal.

What makes a good healer?

To quote Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum Touch: "A healer is someone who was ill, and who gets better. A good healer is someone who was very ill and who gets better fast."