an I.E.Healers 

healing from the heart

This workshop is all about the heart's role in healing. 

We teach you how you can apply your love and the Life Force Energy to release tension, relieve pain and even adjust bones. You heal without a need to fully understand the precise details about the issues . We do not need to comprehend the precise details about all the issues involved. However, knowing something about the functions of the human body can help us to focus better. The  presentation  goes into some detail with respect to the parts of the human anatomy: the cardiovascular system, the skeletal system, the muscular system, the nervous system, and the glandular system. That being said, it is not intended to be a mini training course in human anatomy.

The second part of the workshop focuses on the role of the Chakra system, and presents some new techniques and meditations. 

My sources of information are from, but not limited to, what I learned from Richard Gordon in Quantum Touch Level 2, as well as several courses taken at The Institute of HeartMath in Boulder Oregon, several Reiki Masters, reading books written by Dr. Stephen Co, Leonard Laskow, MD, and many others.

  • Prerequisites: Basic QH, Reiki level 1 or comparable working knowledge of energy healing.
  • We offer the 15 hour workshop in Canada and in a retreat setting in Costa Rica.
  • Fees: $300 CAN if taught in Canada, $350 US elsewhere, fully refundable if we need to cancel.
  • Early registration discounts 15%.  Fees do not include travel and accommodation. 
  • Minimum enrolment 10 people, max 20 people. Contact me for dates and locations

Reflections written by a participant

Truly a memorable experience!   

Not only did we get to renew acquaintances from previous workshops, we also met new people with similar interests and skills. We each came with problems and found solutions. We had good food, good fellowship in a loving atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. The rain did not dampen our enthusiasm.

During one of the group practice sessions, I started to feel the warm energy of each pair of hands. Then after a little time, something unforgettable happened. I could no longer feel each person's energy but a feeling of unconditional love penetrated to the core of my being. I connected to childhood memories at an emotional level buried deep for many, many years. Here I was able to forgive others and myself. I had never experienced anything like it at that depth before. Truly, it was cathartic at a physical level, mental/emotional level and spiritual level as well.