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an interview with Dr.Manuella boyle

Video Transcript: Introduction to Ayurveda and the 3 Doshas

Charlene Bollinger: You’ve most likely heard of Ayurveda before. Ayurveda is an ancient health & healing system from India focused on conscious, natural, and holistic living.

Ty Bollinger: It works to enhance physical and psychological well-being, promoting longevity for the body as a whole. Naturopath Manuela Boyle will give you a detailed introduction to Ayurveda in this video, including how the 3 doshas can help you live with balance.

Dr. Manuela Boyle: So, the objective today is to show you some things about Ayurveda. We could stay here for a week talking about it really, but just some things about it and also for you to look at what kind of evidence is there, alright? You want to show the evidence? We have the evidence. You’ll see.

Okay, it is a 5,000-year-old system of medicine. It wasn’t born yesterday. It was around a long, long time ago, before even the Western medicine started as such, right? That’s a long way back then. And there are four therapeutic approaches. One that shows about the health maintenance; one is about restoration of normal function, one is about the disease cure and then one is about the spiritual approach.

So, abuse of nature’s laws upsets the human system and ends up in a disease like cancer. I mean this is nothing new, right? Whether you come from traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine, this is it, right? Anything that upsets the law of nature will create disease, there’s absolutely no doubt about that.

The difference about the Ayurvedic medicine is that it refers particularly to three areas, right? The Kapha, the Vata, and then this one, the Pitta. So, these are three areas of the body—of the system. The three bodies that control everything, according to Ayurveda of course. They control every part of our body. The three doshas, right? All of them control our life, and if they are out of balance, this is where we have diseases, where we have problems.

So, now let’s have a look. So, there are ways where one of our parts, one-third of our parts can become balanced and there are other ways when it becomes a lot imbalanced. So, this part is balanced when we have a good balanced diet, nothing new about that. When we eat in a peaceful environment, that makes sense. When we engage in wholesome and great activities like contemplating time and nature or spending time meditating, following a regular daily routine, going to bed early.

So, these are ways that one-third of a system becomes imbalanced. We eat aggravating foods—we’ll see in a moment what these are. When we eat on the run, when we smoke cigarettes, when we follow an irregular daily routine, when we go to bed late at night. So, all these are areas of issues create problems in the part of our body called the Vata dosha.