Dowsing and Healing

Dowsing has been successfully used to determine the nature of an illness, allergies and intolerance. It is also instrumental in finding the most appropriate therapy and is effective for determining a nutritional balance.

Dowsers follow strict protocols and use handheld dowsing instruments and  to assist in finding the  sources of both conscious and unconscious patterns. These techniques are used to neutralize behavioral triggers and balance energies to create healthy patterns for a healthy you.

Dowsing can help to align issues in your life which just aren't perfect. Anyone can learn to use dowsing techniques to readily identify and modify unhealthy behavior patterns.

Although no  scientific explanations for dowsing have yet been found it is frequently acknowledged that there is some correlation between the dowsing reaction and changes in magnetic flux when dowsing on site.

 What is Dowsing?

To dowse is to search, with the aid of simple handheld tools or instruments. It is most commonly known  in connection with searching for underground water. It can be applied to searches for a great number of artifacts and entities which are not immediately visible on a conscious level. Dowsing has been successful in locating a wide range of objects such as archaeological remains, underground cavities and tunnels, oil, veins of mineral ore, underground building services, missing items and occasionally missing persons. Dowsing can be done from a distance; something in the next room or even the next continent. For most persons familiar with dowsing, the activity is considered a natural activity for a human person. With some practice, any person can acquire a degree of success. The faculty and capacity to practice dowsing probably reaches as far back to the origin of the human race. 

I personally know Susan as a friend and fellow Dowser. I have learned from her in workshops, and at monthly Dowsing Meet-Ups in King City, Ontario. I have enjoyed her wit and no nonsense approach when she is leading a workshop or giving a lecture. Click on Susan's name to read her bio, or  find her business card here