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dowsing 101

  In his "Letter to Robin", Walt Woods writes: "Learning to dowse is like learning to play a musical instrument or learning to type. It requires carefully controlled instructions and practice. As with a musical instrument, the rewards can be very pleasant and useful."

  Dowsing 101 teaches the basic dowsing protocol applicable for all dowsing activities. Students learn to develop dowsing skills so as to trust their innate abilities. One outcome is the ability to determine the nature of an illness, allergies or certain intolerances and find the most appropriate therapy. Being able to determine which foods support one's health is a practical skill, beneficial for the whole family. Students practise balancing their body's energy systems as well as boosting and exercising more control over their own energy fields. They also learn how to locate power centres in the home and how to look for and find lost articles.

   At the end of the workshop, students are able to dowse accurately with pendulums, L-rods, bobbers as well as with their own body. Dowsing instruments, pendulums,L-rods and bobbers are available at the workshop for practise.

During the workshop, many students develop a "relationship of trust" with the particular tool they worked with. A personal connection with a dowsing instrument can increase one's dowsing acuity. Frequently the particular dowsing tool used by the participants end up going home with them.

Susan Collins' book, Bridge Matter and Spirit by Dowsing is the basic text for the workshop and included in the fees.

  • No prerequisites
  • Fees: $150 per person
  • 6 hour workshop
  • Minimum enrolment 10 people, max 20 people.
  •  Contact me for dates and locations.  

  • A personal Dowsing experience: Finding Misplaced Objects

    I had misplaced my second set of car keys. It happens to the best of us, I figured, and they will show up soon. However, they did not show up, not in a week and not in a month. I took out my dowsing instruments, composed the right set of questions and went to work. The outcome; the second set of car keys are in the master bedroom, on the floor. We swept the floor, moved the bed, looked under and behind every piece of furniture, but did not find the keys. After a second and a third unsuccessful attempt several days apart, my keys remained missing and my confidence in my dowsing skills was seriously challenged.

    Several months later, when planning a trip to visit my sister in Alberta I needed my travel purse, a leather bag that can double as a backpack, which I only use when traveling by plane. It was on the floor of the master bedroom closet. You guessed it! The missing car keys were in it and my confidence in dowsing was restored.