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core and more

Students learn to enter a state of free flow and fluidity, to move in and out of an altered state of consciousness.  

The image attempts to capture the sense of limitlessness and openness to whatever may occur. You have heard the expression, ‘The sky is the limit’, which implies we can go beyond our every-day reach. In the image I created a hole in the sky, and with an open heart, we can go beyond what used to be the limit. Have you ever seen a set of traffic lights like the one in the image? Again, I created traffic lights without yellow and red, so there is nothing to stop us.     

All Lights  are green,   and the sky is no longer the limit.

In the Core and More workshop students learn to create a state of free flow using various techniques with the intent to allow the body to find its own way to wholeness. 

The approach in the Core and More workshop is intermodal. In the spirit of all healing done by IEHealers, the theme throughout this workshop is consideration of alternative healing modalities and their interactions. We invite students to wonder and collectively discover who and how we are. We encourage the participants to be open to the possibility that any and all of the many healing techniques which exist are able to work together. 

The seeds for this workshop germinated during a winter season spent in Puerto Rico. My husband and I did daily Qi Gong practice at the beach. I read books by Bruce Lipton, Alain and Jody Herriott and Carolyn Myss. I spent several hours a week at an Internet Café listening to webinars and Skype conference calls/discussions offered by The Institute of Heart Math.

The workshop begins and ends with active meditations with intent. All students are individually guided to find their quiet place referred to as Point Zero, or The Core Point from which transformations happen. We do perception work and elongations, learn new healing techniques, and practice self-healing.

We invite the participants of The Core and More Workshops to join in the healing of the planet and all who live on it. 

Core and More is an advanced energy healing class. Prerequisites are Basic Quantum Healing or a working knowledge of one or more other energy healing modalities.  

Corey Cluett from Halifax, Nova Scotia, who is an experienced energy healer and medical intuitive, well versed in Psychic Development, has on occasion co-instructed the workshop with me.

  • Prerequisites: Basic QH, Reiki level 1 or comparable working knowledge of energy healing. 
  • Fees: $300 CAN if taught in Canada, $350 US elsewhere, fully refundable if we need to cancel.
  • Early registration discounts 15%. 
  • Fees do not include travel and accommodation.​
  • It is an 18 hour workshop. 
  • Minimum enrolment 10 people, max 20 people. Contact me for dates and location.

  • Comments from a Core and More participant

    I am basically skeptical in my approach to alternative healing. I tend to reserve judgement on the many various explanations provided by practitioners.  For me, my personal experience is the proof in the pudding. This is what happened to me. I began with doing some of the Core and  More exercises. Initially, the imprint of my shoulder blades on the yoga mat was less than 2 inches; after several practice sessions, I could clearly identify the imprint as that of a human shoulder blade. Mine.

    The healing definitely ‘spilled over’ in other areas of my life. I experienced radical healing from early childhood experiences. I experienced a positive improvement in some difficult interpersonal relations, confirmed to me by the other person. We were on holidays at the time, and some friends said: “This holiday is good for you, you look ten years younger.”  

     I like and practice alternative healing.  “We do no harm,” is a lot better than most of what goes on out there in the world in the name of medical care.