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come breathe with us

Would you like to reduce your level of stress, anxiety, insomnia, memory loss or even depression? Are you feeling tired a lot of the time lately?

An insufficient oxygen level in all your organs, and cells may well be the root cause for the conditions we mentioned above.

In our workshop you will learn to breathe more effectively to improve your everyday overall health. The long term positive outcomes from the course will build up your resistance against diseases like Pneumonia,  Asthma, Bronchitis and Cystic Fibrosis and other common diseases related to the respiratory system.

We're taking a cue from the yogis to take a new look at our breathing. With the use of mentalphysic breathing techniques one can effortlessly detoxify while increasing the metabolism. The focused breathing techniques we practice increase the oxygen so that vitamins and minerals are more readily absorbed. At the same time white blood cells multiply and the lymphatic system functions at optimal capacity. With a focus on exhalation techniques, toxins are removed from the bloodstream, revitalizing the organs. It also improves the clarity of the intellect. The daily practice of the mentalphysic breathing techniques easily and readily cleanse, heal and revitalize the body and mind. 

Practical outcomes include:

  • an awareness of your  own breathing patterns
  • abdominal breathing
  • double nostril breathing to improve clarity
  • clearing a stuffy nose
  • various breathing patterns
  • mentalphysics breathing exercises
  • daily breathing routines to maintain optimal health

We offer this workshop at your location provided you are able to recruit a sufficient number of students to cover our expenses. The alternative and highly recommended option is for students to come breathe with us in Costa Rica in a retreat at a resort setting.

  • No prerequisites
  • Fees: $250 per person for the 10 day workshop at a retreat  in Costa Rica.   Accommodations and travel extra. Fees vary at other locations.
  • Minimum enrolment 10 people, max 15 people. Contact me for dates and locations.

Yuri, a participant’s experience at a breathing retreat in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica.

Yuri told me quite honestly he came with Miriam because he was slightly curious about breathing for good health. Don’t we all breathe all the time? What really is energy healing all about?

Walking up the approximately 150 meter, rather steep driveway from the gate to the pool deck, was a challenge the day he came. He had little choice. Few taxi drivers would volunteer to drive their cars to the top. Like Miriam, at the end of his 10 day stay, Yuri hiked up the driveway without a second thought.

That was only one of the changes Yuri told about. After the outing to Rincon de la Vieja, a nearby National Park, he said: “I felt I was able to actually do some hiking. I could not have done these trails before practicing the breathing exercises.” He goes on to say as well: “I am able to think more clearly, I am more agile, more aware, more self-confident. The 10 days of breathing exercises, the walking, and hiking, clean air and (almost) vegetarian diet, drinking water instead of coke have made positive changes in my life. I am healthier and feel better than before I came.”

Come Breathe With Us,           by Trudy Baker

An Option!

If coming to a workshop is not in your cards, you may want to buy the book. The explanations are detailed enough for people to learn the exercises on their own.  The book includes an overview of common health hazards with a complete explanation of many methods to improve one's respiratory health. A large section of the work consists of MentaPhysic Breathing techniques. The program concludes with an outline for a daily routine to follow to maintain optimum health. Why not invest some time, money and energy to take responsibility for an upgrade in your well-being?