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We offer a series of short easy to do guided meditations. The meditations are suitable for anyone. On their own, each meditation is an excellent way to relax and to improve your self-image. Each one of them has a particular focus. Meditation is an integral part of healthy living, anti-ageing and pro-youthing.

Meditations for Self-Improvement and Healing

Using meditation for healing

If you are new to meditating and wonder what may be the best way to start I invite you to try the simple step by step practice. this short video explains the beginning steps to take when learning to do meditations. It is an excellent way to gain insight into how to become more grounded and self confident. By watching and listening repeatedly over several days and even weeks, on a regular basis, you will increase in awareness of your self, you will gain inner joy for life.

Be Healthy and Well

The “Be Healthy and Well” meditation uses Intention to move forward with grace and gratitude, embracing the joy of ageless living.

Breathing techniques used for stress management at the Institute of HeartMath lead into setting one's Intention to be healthy and well. Powerful positive affirmation endorse and amplify the theme of this meditation. These techniques,  in combination, are easy to use for self improvement and healing.

A Shamanic Earth-Star Meditation

The "Earth-Star Meditation" is especially recommended to use it at times when your energy level is low or when you feel ill-at-ease.when The focus of this meditation is to become more connected to the earth below us and to the stars above us.  Listening to this meditation will help you feel more grounded. This meditation also will help you feel more connected to the spiritual realm. It helps you to experience the connection between the earth and the stars, to feel connected with all that is.

There are many versions of the traditional Shamanic Earth Star meditation. In my variation of a Shamanic Earth – Star meditation I add the heart connection.  Our heart or our soul becomes the connection between the physical realm and the spiritual realm.

​Self-Awareness and Self-Acceptance Meditation

The "Self-Awareness Meditation" promotes growth in self-awareness and self-acceptance. 

It builds a lasting positive attitude about oneself, one’s appearance, one’s role in life. The meditation takes you through all of life's stages, bringing care, acceptance, love and respect to oneself. A true self healing experience.

Re-call, Re-write, Re-vitalize, and be confident

The “Re-call, Re-write, Re-vitalize, and be confident Meditation” may be used as frequently as you like. Personally, I love doing this meditation at a time when for some reason I am having a not so good day and cannot figure out what is causing the unpleasant vibrations. The thought behind this guided meditation is: When people feel good, they also look good

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