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Trudy Baker has written a number of books in which she teaches how to use energy healing as a self-improvement technique.

Energetic Pampering

 If you are looking for a way to improve the appearance of what you see every morning when looking in the mirror, this book is a gem. 

The cover photo is a picture of my friend/student/and now co-instructor of the QFL program, Miriam Orta. In the picture she is age 40, married, a mother of 4, with a full-time job as coordinating secretary at the Laredo Board of Education. She is the owner of the Beauty Quest Spa where she meets clients on the weekends and does therapy using Reflexology, Reiki, QFL, and QBSc.

Also available in Spanish as Apapacio Energetico

If you too, follow the methods that are so clearly shown and concisely explained in this book it will help reduce your wrinkles and give you a more youthful appearance. Visibly so, for all to see! 

What you will notice even more over the next few weeks is that you will change in other noticeable and positive ways.

You will become more cheerful. You will complain less about feeling tired. The Energetic Pampering techniques are like an iceberg melting device.

The part showing fewer wrinkles is only like the tip of the iceberg, only 1/8th visibleThe part showing fewer wrinkles is  like the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot more benefits that are not immediately visible, but very powerful for your overall health.

The two pictures of Miriam (below) show the changes that happened to her facial appearance over a 2 year period of working the Quantum Face-Lift techniques on herself.

Before Quantum Face-Lift , age 39.  After Quantum Face-Lift, age 41.

Quantum Body Sculpting

Quantum Body Sculpting is a comprehensive program of movements, procedures, and meditations for a complete body make-over to captivate the joy of ageless living.  It is a self - help program to become beautiful from the inside out.

Using selected techniques from leading healing modalities, the book takes you step by step through a program of self-improvements.  The program starts with questions that lead to self- awareness. The author shares her own experiences explaining how it is possible to remain youthful and to maintain an anatomically correct and proportionately pleasing body shape throughout all of life's stages.

 The section on meditations with movements combines breathing techniques and intention to improve one's posture and overall body shape. Basic energy work is explained in an easy to learn manner to correct irritating details so prevalent among an aging population. You will learn to change protruding bellies into flat tummies. Wouldn't you enjoy exchanging your love handles for a trim mid-section? And shape up your inner thighs, bulging buttocks, and drooping breasts? Following the Quantum Body Sculpting program could give your body a second chance at being healthy, having a perfect weight and all the energy you need to get on with your life.

People who have taken the program are excited about their results. "The truth is that QUANTUM BODY SCULPTING is simply 'wonderful.'... and it reduced my waist by almost 3 centimeters."

The last part of the program deals with energy techniques on several of the human body systems to boost and support the work done in the movements, the exercises, and the meditations, as well as  corrective procedures on areas of concern. The authors concluding remarks sum it all up.

"There are different ways to make use of the information in the book. You may just read it, find it interesting material and put the book aside. If that is you, I am quite sure that in your imagination you have played with some of the movements, or elongations. You may even have tried an exercise or two. I expect at some time parts of it will resurface and you may wonder if it is worth your while to come back to the ideas and try to use them. In any case, I appreciate the time you took to read the material.

Some people may have experienced that some particular parts resonated with them and worked with those exercises, meditations or procedures that relate to their specific situation. If that is you, I’d love to hear from you about the level of success you have achieved.

Others may have read about what I refer to as ‘running energy’ for the first time in their life. If doing the procedures, movements, etc. felt useful to you, if you experienced any level of success, I congratulate you. I invite you to explore further to see what else can happen.

Perhaps you have become intrigued with the possibilities the alternative approach to taking care of your wellbeing has to offer, but you can not see a way clear to do it all on your own. If that is the case, I invite you to find a way to come to a workshop or a retreat so that you can learn and practice with others.

Come Breathe With Us

Do you want to get rid of stress? Insomnia? Anxiety? Depression? Memory loss? Are you tired all the time? In this program you will learn to breathe more effectively for better health. It will help you regain and restore the necessary oxygen levels to all your cells. 

You will improve your brain health, regain youthful vitality, energy and overall good health. 'Come Breath With Us' is a self-help book for people who want to take charge of their health. It includes methods, techniques and exercises for preventive as well as restorative ways to be healthy. Recommended for people who want to get rid of stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression or memory loss. Those who have been tired all the time lately will regain their stamina when following the easy to do exercises. Improved breathing will help anyone restore the oxygen level in all their organs, and cells. Using the MentalPhysic exercises will restore one’s brain health, vitality and overall health. The information in the book is an overview and elaboration of the 10 day "Come Breathe With Us" workshop offered by IEHealers. Reading the book may encourage a person enough to want to take  responsibility for improving her or his health and learn to do the exercises. The explanations are detailed enough for people to learn the exercises on their own.  The book includes an overview of common health hazards with a complete explanation of many methods to improve one's respiratory health. A large section of the work consists of MentaPhysic Breathing techniques. The program concludes with an outline for a daily routine to follow to maintain optimum health. Why not invest some time, money and energy to take responsibility for an upgrade in your well-being?

 When people ask what mentalphysic breathing is all about, I sometimes tell them: "We breathe, we sniff and we snort, we stretch and we yawn, we bob and we bend."

The sniff and snort is part of the breathing. The stretching is part of the movements. The yawning happens involuntarily for most people while learning the routines. Believe me, it’s not because people are bored learning the techniques. The bobbing of the head and bending of the body are part of the exercise movements.

Reading the book may encourage a person enough to take responsibility for improving her or his health and learn to do the exercises. The many stories written by workshop participants alone will encourage readers to want to follow a  webinar to gain a more thorough understanding and appreciation of the benefits. Or sign up for a 10 day workshop for sufficient practice to master the techniques. Investing in them is a great start to take responsibility for an upgrade of your own health.

Intermodal Energy Healing

The book offers a quick reference to the ever-increasing number of alternate energy healing modalities that are readily accessible. Studies and research of these topics have shown the mazing similarities among the different techniques.

 All alternative healing modalities introduced in this booklet share the basic view that all healing is self-healing. Many modalities can be learned in workshops offered over a weekend or two. The easiest ones to learn are discussed first. Some of the modalities included taking years of study, are gaining in popularity as alternatives to Western allopathic medicine. The material is easy to read and gives the reader an overview of what is out there as an alternative to allopathic healthcare. In a culture with an increasing amount of discontent about the state of our national healthcare system, the information in this little gem gives hope for finding a better solution.

Workshops in Energy Healing

An overview of seven workshops offered by IEHealers. The book is for people who are interested in learning about energy healing and are not sure where to start. A brief background about the how and why of energy healing gives the novice reader a start. The workshops are of various level of difficulty, something for the beginner and as well as a few in-depth advanced workshops are offered.

Trudy Baker has international experience as a Quantum Healing Instructor. After retirement, she returned to work full-time turning what was a hobby into a full-time career. She writes, presents workshops, and sponsors retreats. “Healing from the Heart,” “Come Breathe With Us,” “Energetic Pampering: Quantum Face-Lift,” are self-help books to encourage you to take responsibility for your own health and wellness. You will learn proper breathing methods, and techniques to enhance your complexion. “Quantum Body Sculpting” is a comprehensive program of movements, procedures, and meditations for a complete body make-over to captivate the joy of ageless living. Beautiful from the inside out.