Everyone's busy and juggling schedules may be a challenge. That’s why I've set aside Monday through Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings for distant healing sessions.

Please tell me briefly about your issues and suggest 3 suitable times for me to call you. I check my messages regularly every day.

The first 15 minute phone call is free during which we can explore how we can work together to improve your health and wellness.

Our fee structure is flexible with full consideration of your financial circumstances.  Click the button below for our suggested fee schedule. 

EE Qube 

No matter what issues are hindering your wellbeing, a Qube session can help you quick start our healing journey towards positive health.  Please complete the form and send your request.  

Intermodal Energy Healing

An Intermodal Energy Healing session uses one or more healing techniques to reduce pain and restore wellness. Please complete the form, tell me briefly what you would like to happen and send your message.

Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch can effectively reduce pain and accelerate healing of many physical and emotional issues. Please tell me how I can help.


A Reiki treatment can relax and heal. Please tell me about your issues and we'll discuss how we can help.

The Healing Codes

Even a 5 minutes session with The Healing Codes can reduce stress and make your day go better. Please complete the form and send your message.


Psych-K balancing of limiting beliefs can help you develop wholesome and positive patterns and ease your life. Please complete the form and let's explore how a session may help you.

 Emotion Code 

Releasing trapped emotions can lead the way to improved wellness. Please complete the form, tell me a bit about your issues and send your message.

 Tapping , EFT

A few rounds of tapping is a simple way to reduce stress which often is among the causes of many diseases. Please complete the form , tell us about your issues and send your message.

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