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basic quantum healing

The Basic Healing Workshop is offered by IEHealers on a regular basis. Quantum-Healing is a good entry-level option for energy healing.  It is easy to learn, and immediately applicable.  

Once you have learned to use Quantum-Healing, it will be of benefit to you for a lifetime. It is wonderful to know that you have something of such incomparable value with which you can help other people as well. You can use it for self-healing or long distance on loved ones who may be far away. Health care professionals find that Quantum-Healing enhances or even transforms their practice.

Quantum-Healing is a perfect fit for someone to start a journey into the field of alternative energy healing. 

During the first morning of a Quantum  Healing workshop, students already learn to engage in healing practices with one another. People readily develop a sense of confidence that they can truly help others, while experienced practitioners find that their skills significantly deepen. Our natural and innate potential to help others is there for the taking. Quantum Healing may well be the easiest and most valuable skill you ever learn. As well, it will powerfully enhance the effectiveness of any other hands-on therapies, which you are qualified to practice. 

First time students of Quantum Healing, when working on each other, will typically experience an increase in their own level of well-being by the end of a class. Bones seem to automatically align with a light touch while inflammation reduces and healing accelerates.  Some members of the class may experience an emotional release as well, either tears or laughter. Occasionally the release is dramatic and profound. 

Healing happens. 

At the completion of the workshop, students receive a Certificate of Achievement. They feel confident to use their newly learned healing skills at home, with family members and friends. New friendships are made and bonding happens to a degree that students may become lifetime friends. A 26-page handout covers all the techniques and provides excellent material for review and practicing at home. 

  • No prerequisites
  • Fees: $350 per person 
  • Minimum enrolment: 10 people, max 15. Contact me for dates and locations.

  • A participant's response to a Quantum Healing workshop in Ontario.

    In June 2012 Pam from St Thomas Ontario writes:

    I left the workshop feeling very confident in my abilities as a Quantum Healing practitioner and I have already put the energy to good work in helping my Mom. She is 87 years old and had hurt her leg while I was away. I sent Quantum Healing to her from the workshop - she had been in great pain and that really helped her and after I returned home, I went to her house and did QH in person. She said she could feel it healing her and when we were through, she had no pain and felt very steady on her legs. She is really happy with this and thinks this is excellent work. I am very pleased that I could help her so quickly and easily.