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intermodal energy Healers

This website  features information, books, and workshops introducing the reader to a wide range of  energy healing modalities.

Energy healing is a form of healing that  restores and balances the flow of energy in the body. The energy is channeled through the practitioner to the client,  where it then activates the client's body's own natural ability to heal itself. During the healing process blockages are removed and energy deficiencies are alleviated. Health is restored. Energy healing offers alternative and natural methods and therapies complimenting or replacing typical allopathic and pharmaceutical procedures. 

Energy healing is a generic term that covers a large variety of methods or modalities. Intermodal Energy Healing chooses from and combines the best and most applicable healing processes from among many modalities for the client.

On this website we offer a brief introduction to various healing modalities. We started with those modalities we ourselves are familiar with. As we progressed in the project more information came to us, more learning happened and the site grew. In many cases we refer our readers on to other sites we have chosen, based on their accuracy of information, clarity and clutter free appearance. We provide references to individual practitioners whom we know, have confidence in and whose ethics and practices are trustworthy.