About Us

    Where We Came From

I grew up in a family where dowsing was a way of life, and where hands-on-healing came first, prior to a visit to my father's friend, the local homeopath, and certainly before a visit to an allopathic doctor. As a child I knew that when something hurts you go for your mother's  hand and place it on the pain. The pain goes away. I learned that when I put my hands on someone who was in pain, animal or human, focused on wanting the pain to go away, that's what happened. My sister developed rheumatism at a very early age, and could not sleep at night.  My mother took out the dowsing rods to find the location of geopathic stress. The bed was moved, my sister slept better and all signs of rheumatism disappeared.

    In Everett's birth family cleanliness was next to godliness. The two most important guiding principles in family life were the words of the minister of the church and the advise of the doctor. His father's word ruled in everyday life and non-performance was disciplined . Both of us patterned our growing - up lives according to the belief systems of our birth families. Over the more than  50 years of our lives together, we have grown together, blended our beliefs and our outlook on the world, and eased our emotional lives.


    Where We Are Now

    Part of the year we live in Costa Rica, and the rest we spent in Ontario, Canada or traveling to other parts of the world. We practice many of the healing modalities featured on this site, and teach some of them. We offer individual energy healing treatments both hands-on and distant. Our distant intermodal healing circle meets twice monthly, online. When some one asks to have a workshop on one of the modalities we are familiar with, we will travel to locations, provided a sufficient number of students enroll. We run a local Healing Circle in Ontario during the summers. Also we  offer on-line training programs in energy healing. The first of those is the Quantum Face-Lift program. You can find it here: https://quantumfacelift.com/. Others will follow soon.

Our Story in Picures

Everett and Trudy Baker

The Oak & River Retreat, where our healing journey began

First Graduates of Come Breathe With Us, in Costa Rica, 2015

We took our workshops to India

and in Dec 2014,to Bahrain