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A healing circle is a group of like-minded people who meet together to give or receive healing or energy work - at a specific time and on scheduled dates.  As with all healing - the person receiving the healing has to be ready and willing to accept the healing on all levels of their subtle bodies. 
The healing may be directed to one or more of the people present at the gathering. Also the healing circle may include distant healing for people/person not present at the time.seeking the healing.

Healing Happens.


We offer a brief introduction to various healing modalities. We started with those modalities we ourselves were familiar with. As we progressed in the project more information came to us, more learning happened and the site grew. In many cases we refer our readers on to other sites we have chosen, based on their accuracy of information, clarity and clutter free appearance. We provide references  to individual practitioners whom we know, have confidence in and whose ethics and practies can be trusted.

  Healing Circles

IEHealers actively promotes the formation of Healing Circles around the globe. We encourage energy healers of
all modalities to come together  with three or more friends on a regular basis to promote healing, and experience the exponential power of group healing. It has been our experience that  healing modalities will blend seamlessly together. Sharing techniques and insights with healers from various modalities increases our sensitivity to the different manisfestations of energies, and enriches everyones understanding of alternative healing methods.

We encourage you to share your  experiences for open communications for the best and the highest good of all.

The Origin of Healing Circles

The practise of "Healing Circles" is thought to have its origin  in the North American Native Tradition. Their world views reflect the inter-connectedness among all living forms and consider them sacred. Circles, being inherently non-hierarchical and inclusive, represent respect, equality, continuity and inter-connectedness. The special qualities of the circle are recognized the world over and in many traditions

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